Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dressing in an Era I was not alive in

I changed quickly into this get up this morning. These pants belonged to my mom. I "borrowed" this just like all the other articles of clothing that fits me. Initially I sewed these pants into harem pants last year but never really got to wear it. I decided I'd get more use out of these pants if I left them in its original state. The comfort, flowing movements, colour and print will keep me pulling them on when I do not want to wear jeans or tights. These pants come up to my belly button so my instinct is to wear my bralette to reveal a tiny bit of skin but even so add something to cover up and this case I added my mom's sleeveless button up. 

One evening I measured the length of my hair...ready? 27.5 inches!!! I am still growing my hair longer, long enough so I can donate 12 inches to cancer and keep a decent medium length post cut. I just thought I'd mention this since the length of my hair can be seen clearly in the second picture. Cheers!

Shirt & pants: mom's vintage, clutch: Clare Vivier

Monday, August 6, 2012

Slit & Lit

One thing I pay close attention to during the summer is how much skin is showing. I understand if it's an extremely hot day and all you want to wear are shorts and a tank top. On days where it is bearable (like the day this was taken on, August 3rd) I decided to go with a slit maxi skirt and a loose bandeau. I used my jean vest as a cover up just in case I felt my skin bearing attire came off as inappropriate. 

F21 Maxi Slit Skirt, H&M bag, Mondor Bandeau

Friday, August 3, 2012

Something Blue

I apologize for the absence. July has consisted of work, preparing for university, going out to places (the ROM, TFC game, Innisfil, movies etc.). These pictures were taken about a month ago and I'm finally uploading them. I stuck to my comfort zone (cream and brown) and threw on my wine coloured skirt. 

H&M top&clutch, aa skirt.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Wish I Lived in the 60s

The 28th of June was when I finally said "So long high school, it's been a good four years!". I am now a high school graduate!  

Ever since I started imagining the day I graduate from high school, I pictured myself wearing a white dress. The reasons why: I wanted my dress to be subtle and to focus on my shoes as well as wearing white makes my tan more visible! As for accessories, the dress already came with a gold tone metal piece. I thought this would eliminate the idea of looking for a necklace but I could not walk out the house without my gold chain and crucifix. My arm candy consisted of the usual. 

high low hem dress from a store on Queen St, F21 floral mary jane heels, H&M clutch, arm candy: Citizen gold plated watch, various pearls and bangles 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flower Footy

The main focus of my outfit were my heels. I wanted to wear my floral heels that I've had for a year; they have never been put to use. There are hints of green, pink and purple on the heels and I wanted to incorporate one of those colours into the attire. Since it was my younger brother's graduation, I dressed pretty casual by tucking in half of the shirt and using the other material the shirt came with as a necklace and simply tied it into a bow.   

F21 chiffon button up, H&M pants, 2nd hand velvet blazer

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Neutral colour blocking is a style that will last with me forever. There is a whole section of my closet dedicated to neutral colours and it just keeps growing. Cream, beige, pastel pink, and brown are colours I am so comfortable in.

Today was just a casual day. It consisted of grad rehearsals first thing in the morning, followed by watching the EURO semi-finals (VIVA ESPANA!!!), and making a trip to Scarborough Town Center to get ankle weights, sparkly nail polish for tomorrow's grad and a notebook for my summer journal.   

Banana Republic velvet lace trim tank top, Gap jean jacket, thrifted belt & bag, H&M scarf, beige high-low hem skirt from some store on Queen St.

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Autobiography.

If clothes can describe a person, every single article on me says a lot. Let me start with my top. My favourite colour is pink. This pink makes me feel so girly along with the sheer material of the button up. Button ups will forever be a classic. I've loved button up since I was in grade 10. 
The scarf and the belt represents the nostalgic period I would have loved to be in. The rope details and the gold accents immediately draw my attention. In addition to the details, I love the colours in the scarf. A good section of my closet consists of whites, creams, ivory, pinks, neutral colours. Also, the scarf completes any look.
Even though the high low hem is a huge trend this year I know I will continue to love it when and if it fades out. Wearing high low hem skirts make me feel so graceful. This type of hem looks really great when walking and from the side and really shows legs off really nicely. 
Lastly, studded oxfords. Fall of 2011 I purchased my 1st oxfords. The moment I wore them to school many students were giving me looks and comments like "Why are you wearing old people shoes?". Once the oxford trend begun, the students that once were giving me looks and comments jumped on the bandwagon. I am inseparable from my lace-ups. So there you have it. If clothes could describe a person, I'd be girly, classic, and graceful!

F21 Sheer Button Up, H&M Scarf, Gold Crucifix&Chain, F21 High Low Hem Skirt, Vintage Belt, Studded Oxfords, Aldo Watch, Pearl Bracelets.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Flower in the Field of Death

Thank goodness it's 2 digit weather again! I don't really have much to say. I just wore this to night school maybe 2 weeks ago.

Vintage top, F21 Skirt, Studded Oxfords.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Wondering at the land of Hipster

I went to wonderland on May 11th. As you already know, things would fly out your pockets, shoes could potentially fall off and you are walking the whole day. Finding comfy shoes is a big problem for me. Most of my shoes are either trendy lace ups and flats, my shoes for school and heels. Surprisingly I remembered these cheap lace ups I have. I've had them since....Gr. 6/7 I believe...and have not worn them since. Anyways back to the rest of what I wore. The weather for that day called for shorts and a t-shirt. I already exposed a lot of skin because of the shorts so I threw on my dad's old jean shirt which comes in handy frequently.

That day I was able to go on 4 rides. 
  1. The Bat
  2. Vortex
  3. Leviathan
  4. Behemoth
Personally, I think Behemoth is still better than Leviathan. The length of the 1st drop on Leviathan was a bit too long, whereas the length of time for the 1st drop on Behemoth was just right.

Spice Girls t-shirt, H&M crochet shorts, Dad's old jean jacket, H&M bag, cheap lace ups, Wrist Game: Aldo watch, Burkman Bros bracelets, random Christianity bracelets

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Knot Colour Blocking

Night school is such a nuisance. I was really lazy and had to change last minute from my school uniform into casual clothing. I really had no idea what to wear so this is what I came up with! Knotting my button up shirts is a must, I rarely wear them tucked in. As for my bottoms, these have got to be my most worn pants. Instead of wearing black shoes like i usually do, I decided to put these bad boys to use. I really like the small studs on it although they hurt my finger when I was shifting in my seat.

My closet is rather ugly. I ripped off the tacky wall paper that was on it and now I'm left with more ugly-ness. I'm still trying to think of what to do with it since I will be using it as a background more often.   

Gap linen button up, H&M pants, Studded oxfords from FXXI