Friday, June 8, 2012

My Autobiography.

If clothes can describe a person, every single article on me says a lot. Let me start with my top. My favourite colour is pink. This pink makes me feel so girly along with the sheer material of the button up. Button ups will forever be a classic. I've loved button up since I was in grade 10. 
The scarf and the belt represents the nostalgic period I would have loved to be in. The rope details and the gold accents immediately draw my attention. In addition to the details, I love the colours in the scarf. A good section of my closet consists of whites, creams, ivory, pinks, neutral colours. Also, the scarf completes any look.
Even though the high low hem is a huge trend this year I know I will continue to love it when and if it fades out. Wearing high low hem skirts make me feel so graceful. This type of hem looks really great when walking and from the side and really shows legs off really nicely. 
Lastly, studded oxfords. Fall of 2011 I purchased my 1st oxfords. The moment I wore them to school many students were giving me looks and comments like "Why are you wearing old people shoes?". Once the oxford trend begun, the students that once were giving me looks and comments jumped on the bandwagon. I am inseparable from my lace-ups. So there you have it. If clothes could describe a person, I'd be girly, classic, and graceful!

F21 Sheer Button Up, H&M Scarf, Gold Crucifix&Chain, F21 High Low Hem Skirt, Vintage Belt, Studded Oxfords, Aldo Watch, Pearl Bracelets.