Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dressing in an Era I was not alive in

I changed quickly into this get up this morning. These pants belonged to my mom. I "borrowed" this just like all the other articles of clothing that fits me. Initially I sewed these pants into harem pants last year but never really got to wear it. I decided I'd get more use out of these pants if I left them in its original state. The comfort, flowing movements, colour and print will keep me pulling them on when I do not want to wear jeans or tights. These pants come up to my belly button so my instinct is to wear my bralette to reveal a tiny bit of skin but even so add something to cover up and this case I added my mom's sleeveless button up. 

One evening I measured the length of my hair...ready? 27.5 inches!!! I am still growing my hair longer, long enough so I can donate 12 inches to cancer and keep a decent medium length post cut. I just thought I'd mention this since the length of my hair can be seen clearly in the second picture. Cheers!

Shirt & pants: mom's vintage, clutch: Clare Vivier