Thursday, February 9, 2012

DIY: Fishtail/Asymmetrical Dress/Skirt

I have been seeing this type of skirt a lot lately, more now than ever. About 2 years ago, I saw a dress with this style worn on Selena Gomez and thought to myself that THAT HAS GOT TO BE my prom dress. I know I know, two years thinking in advanced about my prom dress is ridiculous. Anyways back to the purpose of this post. One day I went rummaging through the house for clothes and I ended up in my brother's room. I found a bunch of other pieces of clothing that I immediately fell in love with such as a green velvet dress, an ivory maxi dress and this red mid-calf length dress. Once I tried it on I knew I was not going to wear the dress like this, I was debating on transforming it into a mini dress or a skirt and a tank top. I deduced that I will make it into an asymmetrical skirt or a "fishtail" skirt. 

Lay out the dress/skirt inside out and fold it flat on its side. The side on the left is the front of the dress and the right side of the dress is the back when folded. In this case, I measured how much material I wanted to remove. If you were doing this for a skirt or you know where the waist is on the dress measure from the waist. From the waist down measure the length of how short you want the front to be. 

From that point, create a line to the bottom of the back of the dress (which is the bottom right corner in this case) and cut along that line.

Final Product: 

Once the weather here in Toronto hits double digits I will be sure to wear this bad boy!