Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Puck Droppin'

This is the reason why I decided to call this “Puck Droppin’”. On January 19th I went to a hockey game with the family. I do apologize for the quality of the following pictures. I did not know if dslrs were permitted so I resorted to using my phone…which is a blackberry which is clearly not the best quality. This was the first ever hockey game I attended and I must say, I have a crush on hockey players. Nazem Kardi (my new crush) shot the first goal within the FIRST 50 SECONDS! The energy in the building was contagious. The seats we had were the best. We were legit two rows away from the rink, felt the body-checking that was happening in front of my eyes, and in-seat service. The Leafs won 4-1 against Minnesota Wild. This was by far one of the best ways to start off my year! One last thing, I LOVE MY CITY!